Monday, December 21, 2009


December (so far) has been filled with Jazz games, visiting the house, Christmas parties, Temple Square, family, sub for Santa shopping and being reminded of the true meaning of Christmas with great opportunities to serve others..

Ash got me a old style Jazz jacket! Sometimes I feel like an old geezer wearing it but then I remember that it was a gift from my honey so who cares! It is WAY to big for me but it keeps me warm and helps me cheer on the Jazz!

Ash and I at Temple Square. We found a Sister Missionary from Mongolia. Ash served his mission in Mongolia. It was so neat to hear him speak to her. It turned out that Ash served with her brother. Small world. I can't wait til we get to go back to see where he served and the people he loves there...
Me & Elise.. This is Brandon's girlfriend. We are at Ash's Grandpa's house for their party!!

Our house has dry wall!! It actually looks like a house that someone can live in.. It is so much fun to visit the house each week and see the progress that has been made..

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving was so much fun! It started off with the annual Renslow's vs. Sparks' Turkey Bowl.. The Renslow's took the win this year!! It was awesome! It was then followed by delicious food at my aunt and uncle's home.. Anita (my mother-in-law) & I went to the BYU vs Utah Football game. It is so fun to watch Brooke cheer! The game was cold but was TOTALLY worth it! GOO COUGARS!!

Family Pictures.. I can't believe how old everyone is getting... Cami is no longer a little girl.. I can't believe she is 10! And Chad.. Wow.. 12- I feel really old! :)
We also made a trip to stop by the house Thanksgiving weekend to check on its progress... It seems to be coming... I can't wait!! I have so many things to be grateful for! A fantastic husband who is my very best friend, a great family both mine and Ash's and the gospel in my life.. Life could not get much better...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's October!!

I love October! It is probably my favorite month!
October 4th was our 3 year anniversary! I cannot believe it has been 3 years. We have grown so much but I am so glad that I am married to my best friend! Love you Ash!

We celebrated our anniversary with a weekend of FUN! We went to Salt Lake and went shopping for furniture in our new home! Then we went to dinner at my FAVORITE place.. TEXAS ROADHOUSE! (Thanks Brit!) Then spent the night at Anniversary Inn- we woke up the next morning and went to Provo where we went to the BYU game! We had such a great weekend.. We celebrated our anniversary a week early due to another favorite (not necessarily mine..) HUNTING!

The hunt always starts for Ash and his family around the first of October. He shot a deer the very first day! I have lots of pictures and will post those soon!

Next... We are officially building a home! I cannot wait! I was almost positive that we had looked at every house that was listed in Heber, Kamas, Oakley and Coalville. But we finally settled on building our own home in Heber! They should begin digging by Wednesday! Pictures of the process to follow... :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Demolition Derby

We went to the Demolition Derby in Coalville the beginning of August. It was sold out and we were crammed into the stadium. This picture was taken by Brooke and we were so close to the camera.. OOPS!

Crashing cars, dirt flying and scones.. what could be better!

Brooke and I waiting for the next heat to start!

Brooke and Sean drove up for the night and hung out with us at the derby. We had spent the day boating and then went to the DERBY! It was a great Saturday! I'm so glad we live close to our families and are able to go hang out with them often!

All Stars vs. Everton

Major League Soccer was at The Canyons in July. The All Stars and the Everton team stayed at The Canyons and had their after party and events there. With my job as a Conference Services Manager I had the opportunity to work with the Everton team. It was so much fun!

Ash and I were able to attend the game with Travis and Caitlin. Team Everton gave me a practice jersey - so I figured I might as well wear my shirt and cheer them on!

The Everton team won!! :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


WoW.. Don't you worry that it has been FOREVER since I have posted a thing!!

Work at The Canyons has been extremely busy this summer. Which is a GREAT thing.. it means JOB SECURITY!! As well as house hunting, boating, motorcycle rides, camping trips, fourwheeler rides and family adventures!

Here are pictures from our May Adventures. Pictures are from St. George and Travis & Caitlin's Wedding on May 22nd! Caitlin was a BEAUTIFUL Bride and... Trav didn't look bad himself! Congrats you two!

I just can't believe how grown up Brooke and Lacey are!! They 2 of my favorite sisters!! :)

And Drew... Back from his mission.. All grown up and handsome looking!!

Summer has been so fun.. but I feel like it is going way too quickly!

More pictures to come.. (hopefully!)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's MAY!!

So.. I guess I should say that May is almost over..
BUT.. I love the month of May.. The sun, the flowers, some of the rain.. the adventures of summer on the horizon! So this month has been pretty eventful in the Lewis household... Ash went with his dad and some his fellow firefighters down to Loftland, Nevada on their motorcycles.. While he was gone I went to Las Vegas with Ash's mom! We had a blast. Laying out, shopping, laying out, shopping, going to the spa, shopping!! We really had a great time. On the first day we were in Las Vegas, Ash and his dad met us and we cruised the strip on the motorcycles!! It was awesome..

Ash and I have been scouring Summit County and Wasatch County for houses!! We found a few that we like and now we just start putting in offers and waiting to see what happens. It is such an exciting time.. We are actually going to have our own house! I can't believe it.. Ash and I have learned to really compromise when it comes to finding a house - one that we both agree on and that we can make a home! But in the end we know we will end up somewhere we are meant to be.

Ash and I went to St. George this weekend and it was SOO warm. We went down for a friends wedding and to visit Ash's Grandma Luana. We brought the motorcycle down in the back of the truck and headed down last Friday. Ash knows that it can be 115 degrees and I will still be cold.. So the cute husband that he is brought me a blanket to wrap up with in the car.. What a sweetie~ Saturday we got up really early and drove over to Springdale and Zions. The views were amazing.. (MY TAN LINES... NOT SO AMAZING!!) Then we went into St. George and grabbed some lunch and went shopping.. After that we went back to his Grandma's house took a nap and then went to the wedding. Sunday we loaded the motorcycle up in a trailer and headed home! We had a great weekend..

And now we cannot wait for summer!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Good & The Bad

Let's begin this little post about the Bad.. It is always best to end on a good note in my opinion.. Well, we found Tavon a home! So it is bad news in the fact that I cried the whole way to Ogden to give him to his new family but happy in the sense that now he can run around and play with kids. I took him to get his hair cut so that he made a great first impression! (And that he would smell better!!)

Isn't he handsome!!

Here is Tav sitting on Ash's lap for the last time and me crying!! :(

Okay.. Enough of that..

Good news! Brooke is now officially a BYU cheerleader. We are all so happy for her! She is amazing and has followed her dreams.. BYU games.. here we come!!

Another tidbit of good news! My cousin Drew came home from his mission to North Carolina on Wednesday, April 22nd! We all went to the airport to await his arrival! The anticipation while standing at the bottom of the stairs was almost unbearable!! But we made it through! Welcome home Drew!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter this year was SO much fun! Ash had to work so I went down to spend the day with my family. Brooke, Lacey, Chad and Cami had already found their baskets.. but they left the scavenger hunt clues up around the house so that I had to find my basket.. (which was full of spring colored kitchen towels and chocolate.. THANKS MOM!) Conference weekend I went up to take Tavon on a walk and spend some time with Kyle and Anita.. Well, they TOO had an Easter basket.. So they hid the Easter basket outside and Tav and I had to go find it! Yes.. it was just me visiting them in Coalville so I had to find my basket all by myself! (it actually was really fun!!)

Church was amazing! It was a great time to reflect on all the Savior has done for us and the opportunity we have to be resurrected.. My mom's calling is in the nursery! Lacey and I went into the nursery to help my mom.. They are the cutest little things EVER! One of the nursery leaders was teaching them a lesson and was trying to get them to say resurrected. It is a big word for such little people. All of the little kids received an Easter basket that had a picture of Christ and some candy. This little girl named Gracie wanted to eat her box of Nerds but couldn't get the box open so she came and sat on my lap and I helped her open them. Then she wanted to pour the ENTIRE box into my hand and eat them ONE at a time... It was cute!!

After church we went to my Uncle Brad's house for some good times with the cousins.. And Grandma brought her FAMOUS CHOCOLATE CAKE... MMMMM.. IT was so delicious! We talked about the count down to Trav and Caitlin's wedding... (YIPEEE!! I'm sooo happy for them!) and Drew comes home from his mission in 11 days!! That about sums up Easter!!

Last bit of news.... I think we found Tavon a new home.. We are meeting a family in Ogden tomorrow to have them meet Tav! But who is not going to love him.. He is getting his haircut too tomorrow so he will smell all nice and fresh!! That's all for now!! :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Broken Heart!!

So today is one of the saddest days EVER! I put my darling little pup on the KSL Classified page hoping someone will adopt him! As adorable as he is, he is kind of a trouble maker! He tends to chase the deer.. or anything that moves actually! He will not go alone - he goes with my in-laws rottweiler! But with the cows calving and the sheep having their lambs the farmers are more protective of their land and are afraid the dogs will hurt or kill their baby animals so they threaten to shoot any animal that comes on their land! Well, if it weren't for my juvenile delinquent, Tavon, then the rottweiler wouldn't run away.

As soon as we got a house Tav was going to come live with us.. but for now we can't take the chance of either of the dogs getting shot or hurting a young animal and having someone sue us! So I had to make the tough decision to put him up for adoption.. I've cried HUGE alligator tears ALL weekend but it is for the best! (Secretly, I am hoping that no one will adopt him! :) Selfish I know... but I can hope- right?? )

Some other reasons it is so sad: 1) he is my VERY first puppy EVER, 2) I just posted a great blog about how cute he was and how much I love him 3) we are SOOO close to buying a house... Our goal is to be in a house within 6 months.. So there is my sob story for the week.. I guess we will see if anyone thinks he is a cute as I do...

Monday, March 30, 2009


So I decided it was time to post pictures of my baby.. Tavon!
WARNING: He looks like a mutt! The poor thing needs to get his spring bath and hair cut but the weather has not allowed me to take him... It NEEDS TO STOP SNOWING!! :)

So this is our "before" picture and next week when he gets his Easter present (Bath, hair cut and new toy) then we will post more pictures! Because he is so handsome once he is all shaved!! Tavon is my first dog EVER!! My family is more of a cat family!! But when Ash and I moved to Coalville we decided it was time to get us a puppy! But now we live in a basement apartment in Park City and the owners are more of cat people!! GRR.. So Tav still lives in Coalville with my in-laws!

While we were in Coalville Ash had to make sure his motorcycle was still there! Boy.. he is just itching to start riding it! But the snow is sort of an issue!! :)

So last weekend was the Scrapbook Expo!! It was a blast! I finished my wedding scapbook.. (2 1/2 years later!) We scrapbooked all day Friday until about 11 pm and then got up and did it all again on Saturday! I even stuck my name in a drawing (with about 100 other women) and I actually won! It was great! I won a T-shirt from a shade store! I didn't really care what I won.. I was just happy that my name was chosen!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flight 3407

Time to Update... Today is the 6 week anniversary of Flight 3407 that crashed outside of Buffalo, New York on February 12th, 2009 killing everyone on board and one man on the ground. The pilot was Marvin Renslow, my Dad's older brother. The family was able to gather in Flordia a week after the accident to celebrate his life. He was a great husband and father and had a passion for flying! The celebration was wonderful! Kaley, Marvin's 12 year old daughter was able to sing one last time for her dad as well as tell everyone about the great memories she will always have. Tyler, 18 years old, also spoke of the jokes, and advice his dad would always give.


Marvin Dean Renslow July 26, 1961, to Feb. 12, 2009.

Marvin Dean Renslow was born in Shenandoah, Iowa, on July 26, 1961, and went home to be with the Lord on Feb. 12, 2009.

Marvin attended Guilford, began flying and earned his private, single engine, instrument and multi-engine ratings. He began attending flight school at Gulf Stream Flight Academy in Fort Lauderdale and began his commercial flight career in 2003 as a pilot for Gulf Stream International Airlines. In 2004, he obtained a position with Colgan Air and shortly after received an air transport pilot rating. He upgraded to captain/pilot in command in 2007. Marvin shared has passion for flying with his uncle, Paul Renslow, and his first cousin, Tim.

Marvin was preceded in death by his father, Donald Dean Renslow, and grandparents, Cecil and Lola Rice. He is survived by his wife, Sandy Renslow; two children, Tyler Renslow and Kaley Renslow; his mother, Shirley Renslow; uncle, Paul Renslow and his wife, Dianne; two aunts, Joan Meek and Dot Kinard; three siblings, Melvin Renslow and his wife, Brenda, Shirlene Thiesfeld, and Shellie Renslow and Phil Lofgren; in-laws Vaughan and Joan Hood; sister-in-law, Julie Armstrong and her husband, Jerry; sister-in-law, Martha Martin and her husband, Tracy. Marvin had 14 nieces and nephews, Jason Peregrine, Jennifer Feltner, Whitney Lewis, Brooke Renslow, Lacy Renslow, Chad Renslow, Cami Renslow, Amber Eitzen, Brandelyn Eitzen, Jessica Armstrong, Katherine Armstrong, Melanie Armstrong, a stepnephew, Colton Thiesfeld, and stepniece, Kara Metz; great-nieces, Isabella Peregrine, Korynn Peregrine and one on the way. A celebration of life service is being held for family and friends of Marvin at First Baptist Church of Lutz in Florida on Feb. 20, 2009, at 6 p.m.

Chad & Cami with Grandma Renslow!
Ash & I getting ready to go to the celebration!
Marvin will truly be missed. We continue to pray for Sandy, Tyler, Kaley and every family that lost a loved one in the tragic accident.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor Finale / Bachelorette Party

Last night was the much anticipated yet mostly spoiled Bachelor Finale. My friend Kasey and I threw a little Bachelor Finale Party last night with some of our co-workers. We have been obsessed with the show this season.. Every Monday without fail we would discuss the outcome and take our picks on the winner! 2 of our co-workers are tying the knot this month so we threw in a Bachelorette party!

This is Marion and Jennifer wearing their Bachelorette sashes!!

I did the honors of baking the Fun fetti cake seen above... But on Sunday Ash decided to cut himself a piece of that cake!!

Needless to say we were all lined on the couch for at least 3 hours (thank goodness for DVR) watching the dumb ending!! It was a very fun excuse to get together outside of work and just relax!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Here we go!

Okay.. So I have officially created a blog! (it was more confusing than I thought!- but I did it!)
I love following my friends blogs but just had not found the time to create my own! Wish me luck! :)