Friday, April 24, 2009

The Good & The Bad

Let's begin this little post about the Bad.. It is always best to end on a good note in my opinion.. Well, we found Tavon a home! So it is bad news in the fact that I cried the whole way to Ogden to give him to his new family but happy in the sense that now he can run around and play with kids. I took him to get his hair cut so that he made a great first impression! (And that he would smell better!!)

Isn't he handsome!!

Here is Tav sitting on Ash's lap for the last time and me crying!! :(

Okay.. Enough of that..

Good news! Brooke is now officially a BYU cheerleader. We are all so happy for her! She is amazing and has followed her dreams.. BYU games.. here we come!!

Another tidbit of good news! My cousin Drew came home from his mission to North Carolina on Wednesday, April 22nd! We all went to the airport to await his arrival! The anticipation while standing at the bottom of the stairs was almost unbearable!! But we made it through! Welcome home Drew!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter this year was SO much fun! Ash had to work so I went down to spend the day with my family. Brooke, Lacey, Chad and Cami had already found their baskets.. but they left the scavenger hunt clues up around the house so that I had to find my basket.. (which was full of spring colored kitchen towels and chocolate.. THANKS MOM!) Conference weekend I went up to take Tavon on a walk and spend some time with Kyle and Anita.. Well, they TOO had an Easter basket.. So they hid the Easter basket outside and Tav and I had to go find it! Yes.. it was just me visiting them in Coalville so I had to find my basket all by myself! (it actually was really fun!!)

Church was amazing! It was a great time to reflect on all the Savior has done for us and the opportunity we have to be resurrected.. My mom's calling is in the nursery! Lacey and I went into the nursery to help my mom.. They are the cutest little things EVER! One of the nursery leaders was teaching them a lesson and was trying to get them to say resurrected. It is a big word for such little people. All of the little kids received an Easter basket that had a picture of Christ and some candy. This little girl named Gracie wanted to eat her box of Nerds but couldn't get the box open so she came and sat on my lap and I helped her open them. Then she wanted to pour the ENTIRE box into my hand and eat them ONE at a time... It was cute!!

After church we went to my Uncle Brad's house for some good times with the cousins.. And Grandma brought her FAMOUS CHOCOLATE CAKE... MMMMM.. IT was so delicious! We talked about the count down to Trav and Caitlin's wedding... (YIPEEE!! I'm sooo happy for them!) and Drew comes home from his mission in 11 days!! That about sums up Easter!!

Last bit of news.... I think we found Tavon a new home.. We are meeting a family in Ogden tomorrow to have them meet Tav! But who is not going to love him.. He is getting his haircut too tomorrow so he will smell all nice and fresh!! That's all for now!! :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Broken Heart!!

So today is one of the saddest days EVER! I put my darling little pup on the KSL Classified page hoping someone will adopt him! As adorable as he is, he is kind of a trouble maker! He tends to chase the deer.. or anything that moves actually! He will not go alone - he goes with my in-laws rottweiler! But with the cows calving and the sheep having their lambs the farmers are more protective of their land and are afraid the dogs will hurt or kill their baby animals so they threaten to shoot any animal that comes on their land! Well, if it weren't for my juvenile delinquent, Tavon, then the rottweiler wouldn't run away.

As soon as we got a house Tav was going to come live with us.. but for now we can't take the chance of either of the dogs getting shot or hurting a young animal and having someone sue us! So I had to make the tough decision to put him up for adoption.. I've cried HUGE alligator tears ALL weekend but it is for the best! (Secretly, I am hoping that no one will adopt him! :) Selfish I know... but I can hope- right?? )

Some other reasons it is so sad: 1) he is my VERY first puppy EVER, 2) I just posted a great blog about how cute he was and how much I love him 3) we are SOOO close to buying a house... Our goal is to be in a house within 6 months.. So there is my sob story for the week.. I guess we will see if anyone thinks he is a cute as I do...