Sunday, August 23, 2009

Demolition Derby

We went to the Demolition Derby in Coalville the beginning of August. It was sold out and we were crammed into the stadium. This picture was taken by Brooke and we were so close to the camera.. OOPS!

Crashing cars, dirt flying and scones.. what could be better!

Brooke and I waiting for the next heat to start!

Brooke and Sean drove up for the night and hung out with us at the derby. We had spent the day boating and then went to the DERBY! It was a great Saturday! I'm so glad we live close to our families and are able to go hang out with them often!

All Stars vs. Everton

Major League Soccer was at The Canyons in July. The All Stars and the Everton team stayed at The Canyons and had their after party and events there. With my job as a Conference Services Manager I had the opportunity to work with the Everton team. It was so much fun!

Ash and I were able to attend the game with Travis and Caitlin. Team Everton gave me a practice jersey - so I figured I might as well wear my shirt and cheer them on!

The Everton team won!! :)