Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our New Home

WARNING: This post is pretty long... But I wanted to document everything..

We are finally ALL moved into our new home in Heber!! We love it! I am so glad that the building process is over! We signed all of our papers on February 9th and began moving in on February 10th. It was slick process in moving in... We loaded up a trailer the weekend before and was ready to go the morning of the 10th.

We spent lots and lots and lots of time at RC Willey, Ashley Furniture.. well just about every furniture store in Salt Lake City, looking for furniture we both liked and at a reasonable price! We finally decided on the kitchen table below. It is a tall table with leather seats. The couch is micro fiber and I love it! We also got a new bedroom set! (It was President's Day so the deals were AWESOME!!) We got a 5 piece bedroom set. It included the bed (2 pieces), dresser, mirror and night stand. Then we bought an extra night stand to match.

We have 2 other bedrooms besides the master but one is a guest bedroom (Soon to be Brandon's bedroom room in May..) and then the office! But the office is empty at this moment .. so who wants to see a picture of that...

We definitely need some color and design in our house! It makes me so nervous to paint and put holes in the walls to hang up pictures and paintings.. I just keep thinking "it is brand new and I hate to put a hole in the walls.." I obviously need to get over that! Once the winter ski season officially ends and things slow down we have lots of plans for the house! Yard work tops the list, paint and hanging up pictures comes in a close 2nd and 3rd!! We have so many rocks. It really is out of control. I should not complain though.. I have my own yard to work hard in and can landscape it the way we want to!

Needless to say our Valentine's Day was amazing! We made dinner together and watched a movie cuddled up next to the fire... A few days after Valentine's day I brought home this.....
Meet Sophie! She is a Jack Russel Terrier and is the sweetest thing ever! I love her. Ash always told me I could get another dog but he wasn't thrilled when I told him that I found one that I wanted! I brought her home though and he instantly loved her.. Most of the time I find him like this......Ash is usually cuddled up right next to her. When he is outside hosing off the driveway or walking to get the mail you see Sophie right behind him following! I think the funniest part though is when Ash goes to the grocery store by himself... He comes home with doggie treats, dog food, dog biscuits, and a new toy... Sophie is such a good dog. She loves the fireplace! When it is on she is most likely cuddled next to the fire. Most people made comments about a new home and a puppy but it is so nice to have something to come home to! Ash works at least 2 nights a week when he is on shift and I am home all by myself!

I am really looking forward to SPRING! I cannot wait! Motorcycle rides, walks, yard work and vacations!! It has been a busy winter season for both of us! Ash has been working at Sundance Resort as a member of ski patrol as well as the fire station and I have been extremely busy at The Canyons and cutting hair!

We are going to Mongolia in June! I cannot wait! I am pretty nervous but excited for the foreign adventure. This past weekend I was at the Scrapbook Expo and had the privilege of scrap booking Ash's mission! You can tell by the pictures how much he LOVED the people of Mongolia and his time there! I am thrilled to go back to that place and visit the people and see where he spent the best two years of his life!

Well, I think that is about it for us! I love Ash! He is the best husband and the perfect fit for me! He is always by my side and with me for the journey ahead of us! It is amazing to see the blessings from our hard work!