Monday, December 21, 2009


December (so far) has been filled with Jazz games, visiting the house, Christmas parties, Temple Square, family, sub for Santa shopping and being reminded of the true meaning of Christmas with great opportunities to serve others..

Ash got me a old style Jazz jacket! Sometimes I feel like an old geezer wearing it but then I remember that it was a gift from my honey so who cares! It is WAY to big for me but it keeps me warm and helps me cheer on the Jazz!

Ash and I at Temple Square. We found a Sister Missionary from Mongolia. Ash served his mission in Mongolia. It was so neat to hear him speak to her. It turned out that Ash served with her brother. Small world. I can't wait til we get to go back to see where he served and the people he loves there...
Me & Elise.. This is Brandon's girlfriend. We are at Ash's Grandpa's house for their party!!

Our house has dry wall!! It actually looks like a house that someone can live in.. It is so much fun to visit the house each week and see the progress that has been made..

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving was so much fun! It started off with the annual Renslow's vs. Sparks' Turkey Bowl.. The Renslow's took the win this year!! It was awesome! It was then followed by delicious food at my aunt and uncle's home.. Anita (my mother-in-law) & I went to the BYU vs Utah Football game. It is so fun to watch Brooke cheer! The game was cold but was TOTALLY worth it! GOO COUGARS!!

Family Pictures.. I can't believe how old everyone is getting... Cami is no longer a little girl.. I can't believe she is 10! And Chad.. Wow.. 12- I feel really old! :)
We also made a trip to stop by the house Thanksgiving weekend to check on its progress... It seems to be coming... I can't wait!! I have so many things to be grateful for! A fantastic husband who is my very best friend, a great family both mine and Ash's and the gospel in my life.. Life could not get much better...