Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's MAY!!

So.. I guess I should say that May is almost over..
BUT.. I love the month of May.. The sun, the flowers, some of the rain.. the adventures of summer on the horizon! So this month has been pretty eventful in the Lewis household... Ash went with his dad and some his fellow firefighters down to Loftland, Nevada on their motorcycles.. While he was gone I went to Las Vegas with Ash's mom! We had a blast. Laying out, shopping, laying out, shopping, going to the spa, shopping!! We really had a great time. On the first day we were in Las Vegas, Ash and his dad met us and we cruised the strip on the motorcycles!! It was awesome..

Ash and I have been scouring Summit County and Wasatch County for houses!! We found a few that we like and now we just start putting in offers and waiting to see what happens. It is such an exciting time.. We are actually going to have our own house! I can't believe it.. Ash and I have learned to really compromise when it comes to finding a house - one that we both agree on and that we can make a home! But in the end we know we will end up somewhere we are meant to be.

Ash and I went to St. George this weekend and it was SOO warm. We went down for a friends wedding and to visit Ash's Grandma Luana. We brought the motorcycle down in the back of the truck and headed down last Friday. Ash knows that it can be 115 degrees and I will still be cold.. So the cute husband that he is brought me a blanket to wrap up with in the car.. What a sweetie~ Saturday we got up really early and drove over to Springdale and Zions. The views were amazing.. (MY TAN LINES... NOT SO AMAZING!!) Then we went into St. George and grabbed some lunch and went shopping.. After that we went back to his Grandma's house took a nap and then went to the wedding. Sunday we loaded the motorcycle up in a trailer and headed home! We had a great weekend..

And now we cannot wait for summer!!