Wednesday, July 29, 2009


WoW.. Don't you worry that it has been FOREVER since I have posted a thing!!

Work at The Canyons has been extremely busy this summer. Which is a GREAT thing.. it means JOB SECURITY!! As well as house hunting, boating, motorcycle rides, camping trips, fourwheeler rides and family adventures!

Here are pictures from our May Adventures. Pictures are from St. George and Travis & Caitlin's Wedding on May 22nd! Caitlin was a BEAUTIFUL Bride and... Trav didn't look bad himself! Congrats you two!

I just can't believe how grown up Brooke and Lacey are!! They 2 of my favorite sisters!! :)

And Drew... Back from his mission.. All grown up and handsome looking!!

Summer has been so fun.. but I feel like it is going way too quickly!

More pictures to come.. (hopefully!)