Saturday, February 19, 2011

The "how we met story"

With it being the "love" month.. I've seen some friends post the "how we met" stories.. I love em! I will always remember mine because it was so fun and I became one of "those" girls who "just knew" the moment I saw Ash... So here it is... I was the Relief Society Secretary in my Young Single Adult Ward and became close friends with the President who was a few years older than I. She would make comments about how I needed to meet her friend who served in the same mission as she did. (She served in Mongolia..) She would tell me how wonderful he was and that we would make such a cute couple.. She would make this comment quite frequently but I always seemed to have another current interest and wasn't convinced about a blind date set up...

Each Wednesday a bunch of friends and I would let out our inner cowgirl.. by going country dancing in Provo after Institute.. Kind of sounds lame now.. but it was really fun! I was pretty consistent with my Institute attendance but this particular one Wednesday night chose to stay home.. I received a text from a very good friend of mine that stated.. "You need to come down here.. There a few very cute boys here tonight.. plus I want you to come country dancing with us." So I decided to get ready and go down to the church and wait for Institute to end.. I walked into the Relief Society room.. Made "my scan" around the room to find these supposedly cute boys and who was there but a tall, blond with blue eyes.. We caught each others gaze.. I gave a quick smile and turned away.. (I know.. kind of mean.. but I all of a sudden was soo nervous).. A group of us then proceeded to leave Institute to go country dancing.. ALL without speaking to this mystery blond..

I filled my car with friends and we made our way to Provo. I sent a quick text to my mom saying that I had located my future husband.. I received a quick response back that simply said, "YEAH RIGHT.." But that night I knew.. Ash told "our mutual friend" that he wanted to go where we were going so she brought him to Provo to come dancing.. (HE HATES DANCING).. So there he was standing by the side watching me dance with those boys who knew how to country dance and he just stood there looking good.. Once the slow 7th grade song came on he made his move.. He is excellent at moving his feet side to side in a slow motion.. We talked and formally introduced ourselves and discussed the basics.. "What do you want to be when you grow up, Where we went to school, where we worked, and grew up." In that conversation I learned that he was from Coalville, served a mission to Mongolia and had been back for 1 year, was single, going to UVSC studying finance and wanted to be a firefighter... WHAT A FIREFIGHTER... Yes please..! Ash was tall and I found myself having a hard time looking into those beautiful blue eyes without blushing.. As the night ended we talked throughout the night and as the group of us left and was splitting into the original cars we came in "our mutual" friend yelled.. "Love you Whit" and Ash yelled, "I love you too." (I KNOW he was soo forward..) Just FYI.. he denies it every time you ask him but it is a true statement.. he did yell it..

After that I was worried because he hadn't asked for my phone number and lo and behold I received a text from "our friend" later that night that simply said, " I gave Ashley your phone number.. :)"
This next part just might make you cry.. Ash did not call me for 2 weeks.. WHAT. I was shocked.. I made my sisters text me every so often just to ensure that my phone was working.. Well, when he did call I was SO excited.. I remember, I was at a Miss something Pageant and I tripped over the camera man trying to get out to answer.. He asked me out for that weekend... I will save our "First Date" story for another time because it was so funny but deserves it's own post..

After that Ash and I were inseparable. We spent the summer going to St. George, four-wheeling, boating, making tin-foil dinners, parades, rodeo's, demolition derby's and drives up the canyon watching movies in the back of my dad's truck.. We were engaged the end of July and married October 4th, 2006..