Thursday, October 21, 2010


..... WAS MY BIRTHDAY!....

I love my birthday. Poor Ash thinks that I am still 5 because I love my birthday so much! AND.. I love others birthday's too. I think birthdays are important! It is a day to show the birthday person just how thankful you are that they are in your life...

My birthday, 10-20-2010 (cool huh!) was amazing! I have the best family and friends ever! First off, my co-workers covered my groups for the morning so that I could sleep in! I was awaken by my phone and it was my awesome family singing happy birthday! Soo cute! Then Ash and I made breakfast and he gave me the most beautiful necklace and earrings from Sundance Resort! I love them!

Then.. it was time.. OFF TO WORK I WENT!

The drive in was absolutely beautiful. The weather was perfect and my drive to Park City didn't fail- BEAUTIFUL!

At work, I received a bouquet of flowers inside a pumpkin from my wonderful co-workers.. LOVE THOSE GIRLS! I also recieved cards.. one of them was a sound card that had MR. ROGERS on the front and you pushed different buttons and it sounded just like MR.ROGERS! I loved it.

I also received flowers from my in-laws! And.. A DELICIOUS MADE FROM SCRATCH... fun fetti cake! It was soo good!

I worked throughout the day and into the evening. I got home about 9PM and Ash bought me flowers, a card and a gift certificate! I received lots of texts, calls and facebook messages! My day was perfect! I get to spend Monday with my family and celebrate AGAIN!!! WAHOO!!

Flowers from my in-laws

Flowers from my honey!!

Flowers from my co-workers

Thanks everyone for wishing me a happy birthday! It was a great day!

**This is kind of a side note** But I am thinking of making my blog private.. .GOOD idea or BAD?? ** I don't even know if anyone even looks at it.. HAHA!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What have we been up to??

Once we returned from our trip to Mongolia, we (Ash) were all set and ready to work on the yard. Ash worked so hard. We went on lots of motorcycle rides looking for ideas of what we both liked. Ash even spent time looking online for tips and ideas.
The finished product makes our house look as if it is really lived in. It is amazing what landscape can do to the look of the house. We still need trees and bushes but I think it looks amazing. Thanks honey for working so hard!

Of course, it would not be Ashley's work without horns... :) Gotta love him!

And of course, it wouldn't be fall without the hunt! Ash shot an elk on the 2nd day of his hunt.

And here he is working hard to skin it.
October was homecoming for Pleasant Grove High School. I cannot believe that Lacey is a senior. She is all grown up and beautiful. Her and Braydin are captains of the cheerleading squad and their half time routine was awesome! I love watching her cheer.

And then there is Brooke! Isn't she a beauty as well! She is the assistant coach for the cheer squad!

Ash and my dad were in the stands while Chad and Cami were playing with friends, which is why it is just my mom, Brooke, Lacey and I in the picture below. I love my sisters and mom so much! They are amazing and my best friends. They are always there when I need a friend, or need to tell my funny stories, or cry. I love them!
Cami turned 11 on 10/10/10! She is growing up so fast!
Other than the pictures above, Ash and I have been working a lot! :) Ash is still going to school and I am still loving my jobs! I will have to post some pictures. But I have done hair for a couple of the brides that got married at The Canyons this summer. Including my co-worker Brooke, who looked exquisite!
Up next in the chapter of our lives is MY BIRTHDAY!! YIPEE!! The BIG 2 -4!! WOW! So the countdown begins to 10/20/2010!! (I know, Ash makes fun of me that I make such a big deal about my birthday but.. I don't care because.... IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!) -

Monday, October 11, 2010

October 4th, 2010

Last week, on October 4th was our 4 year anniversary! I cannot believe it has been 4 years! We have done so much together and grown so much as a couple.

I can remember the day as if it was yesterday! It was fun to talk about it with Ash and the different parts that we remember!
In 4 years we have traveled to San Francisco, Hawaii, Mexico, Jackson Hole, Florida, China and Mongolia.
In 4 years we have moved from PG to Coalville, from Coalville to Deer Valley, from Deer Valley to Coalville and finally from Coalville to Heber! (Our new home)
In 4 years we have worked... worked and worked some more!
In 4 years we have gone on countless motorcycle rides and adventures to the ranch.
In 4 years we have grown together through trials and heartache. And learned so much about each other.

The day was wonderful.. we worked (of course) and then made dinner together at home and watched a war movie (Romantic.. i know..) snuggled on the couch! Couldn't have been a better day!

I love you honey!!