Thursday, October 21, 2010


..... WAS MY BIRTHDAY!....

I love my birthday. Poor Ash thinks that I am still 5 because I love my birthday so much! AND.. I love others birthday's too. I think birthdays are important! It is a day to show the birthday person just how thankful you are that they are in your life...

My birthday, 10-20-2010 (cool huh!) was amazing! I have the best family and friends ever! First off, my co-workers covered my groups for the morning so that I could sleep in! I was awaken by my phone and it was my awesome family singing happy birthday! Soo cute! Then Ash and I made breakfast and he gave me the most beautiful necklace and earrings from Sundance Resort! I love them!

Then.. it was time.. OFF TO WORK I WENT!

The drive in was absolutely beautiful. The weather was perfect and my drive to Park City didn't fail- BEAUTIFUL!

At work, I received a bouquet of flowers inside a pumpkin from my wonderful co-workers.. LOVE THOSE GIRLS! I also recieved cards.. one of them was a sound card that had MR. ROGERS on the front and you pushed different buttons and it sounded just like MR.ROGERS! I loved it.

I also received flowers from my in-laws! And.. A DELICIOUS MADE FROM SCRATCH... fun fetti cake! It was soo good!

I worked throughout the day and into the evening. I got home about 9PM and Ash bought me flowers, a card and a gift certificate! I received lots of texts, calls and facebook messages! My day was perfect! I get to spend Monday with my family and celebrate AGAIN!!! WAHOO!!

Flowers from my in-laws

Flowers from my honey!!

Flowers from my co-workers

Thanks everyone for wishing me a happy birthday! It was a great day!

**This is kind of a side note** But I am thinking of making my blog private.. .GOOD idea or BAD?? ** I don't even know if anyone even looks at it.. HAHA!